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Terms & Conditions

The driver of the vehicle shall be considered as the user and all transactions will be executed between the user and PK CARS.

The user must be above the age of years. However, certain vehicles are provided at the minimum age of 21.

    Documents Required
  • The user must have a valid driving license issued by the Government of India.
  • The user must carry his/her original DL, AADHAR & Valid ID proof at the time he/she takes possession of the vehicle.
  • Documents issued by the government of India such as Voter ID, Driver’s license, PAN card etc. will be considered as valid ID proof only.
  • If a user is unable to verify his/her identity, the booking shall be considered void by PK Cars. Security Deposit

PK Cars does not charge any security deposit car bookings. However, a security deposit of Rs.0 - Rs 5000, based on the vehicle is charged at pickup time for booking bikes & cars in COIMBATORE. PK Cars reserves the right to withdraw zero deposit offer from a user account in event of any accident or non-payment of dues.

Pickup Points
The user can take possession of his/her vehicle from PK Cars pickup point. If a user opts for home-pickup, a charge of Rs.250 will be levied. The minimum duration of booking for home-pickup is 6 hours. No home bookings are acknowledged for COIMBATORE city.

Return of Possession
The user must return possession of the vehicle at the pickup point from which it had been hired.

  • The Rental Period will be calculated from the time the user takes possession of the keys till they are returned to a PK Cars representative at the pickup Point.
  • Minimum booking duration for a car is 3 hours when booked for 'With Fuel' package and 12 hours when booked for 'Without Fuel' package. For bikes, minimum booking duration is 12 hours.
  • Charges will apply on the time period for which the vehicle has been booked by the user as per rates given on the website.
  • For COIMBATORE it will be calculated from 10:00 am to 10:00 am next morning. Therefore, the minimum booking duration for COIMBATORE is 24hours.

Cars are available for both 'With Fuel' and 'Without Fuel' packages. While bikes are only provided empty tank (minimum fuel to reach nearest fuel station will be provided) under 'Without Fuel' package.
When booked for 'With Fuel' mode
PK Cars provides three different packages to its users under this category.
  • 5 km Package : User gets 5 km free for each hour of booking.
  • 10 km Package : User gets 10 km free for each hour of booking
  • 15 km Package : User gets 15 km free for each hour of booking .
  • PK Cars rental charges are inclusive of the fuel cost.
  • When booked for limited KMs, PK Cars will reimburse fuel expenses if any. The user must produce a printed receipt with his/her name mentioned on it at the time on end ride. PK Cars will not entertain any bills produced later via any means. Hand written receipts and receipts without the user’s name will not be accepted.
  • Receipts must be submitted by the user at the time of return of possession. Late submission of receipts will not be entertained.

When booked for 'Fuel Less' mode (valid for a minimum ride duration of 12 hours for cars and bike)-
  • Fuel cost to be borne by the user
  • User will have to handover the vehicle with the same amount of fuel which was provided at the time of pickup. A penalty of Rs 200 will be levied if the customer fails to do the same in addition to the cost of fuel difference between handover and drop-off.

Distance Limit
  • When booked for 'With Fuel' mode
    PK Cars provides a distance limit as per the packages (5 Km/hour,10 Km/hour and 15 Km/hour respectively). If the total distance travelled during the journey exceeds the distance limit, an additional surcharge will be levied for every extra kilometer travelled based on vehicle model. User can refer to tariff page on the website for the extra km charges.
  • When booked for 'With Fuel' mode
    There is no distance limit on the number of KMs the user can drive. Per KM charges will be applicable based on the vehicle model. User can refer to tariff page on the website for per km charges.

  • Penalty charges apply in case the user retains the vehicle beyond the rental period for which the vehicle has been booked by the user.
  • Damage charges apply in case of damage to the vehicle; it depends on the severity of the damage. However, the maximum liability that the user is liable to pay in case of a major damage is Rs.5000. Towing cost will be charged extra. Tentative damage charges details can be found in the attachment
  • The user is liable to pay for any traffic rule violation.
  • In the case of speeding beyond 120 Km/h in case of cars and 100 Km/h in case of bike, the user will be notified by SMS and a penalty of Rs. 500 will be levied for every offence. Maximum charges for over-speeding is Rs.1000
  • In the case of loss/damage of vehicle accessories such as AUX cable, charger, etc. a penalty charge of Rs.150 will be levied per accessory. In case of loss or damage of CAR Audio branded devices, charge will be levied as per MRP of the device.
  • Cleanliness charges will be levied to the customer in case the vehicle is found to be dirty. Cleanliness charges will depend of the level of uncleanliness upto a maximum of Rs.1000.
  • More than one pillion rider is not allowed, if found, security deposit will not be refunded to the user.

  • All charges as per contract are not inclusive of GST charges. Toll tax and other charges will be borne by the user.
    Extension of Rental Period
  • If the user wishes to extend the rental period, he/she can contact PK Cars. Home Booking rides extension is not possible within 4 hours of selected end time. Please note extension of rides is possible only in the case when there is no subsequent booking. For extending beyond 6 hours, the user must make the payment before extension is approved. No discounts shall be offered on the extended period of time. Additional charges will be levied as follows: Additional Features
  • PK Cars offers GPS navigation and child safety seats to its users on request. The features are subject to availability and added charges will be levied for the same. PK Cars will provide one helmet per bike, for second helmet request user will be charged Rs.50. In case of damage or loss of helmet, a charge of Rs.800 will be collected from user.

    Threshold Time
  • A delay of 15 minutes over the rental period is permissible for the return of possession. In the case of further delay, for the first two hours: (Rs 500 + double the hourly charge) will be fined and for subsequent hours: (Rs 250 x late hours + double the hourly charges) .The charges for the time period of delay will be calculated as per usual rates given on the website. We are doing this to protect next user's ride experience.
  • Replacement Vehicle
    PK Cars shall provide a replacement vehicle in the case of vehicle failure. This is subject to vehicle availability.
  • Cleanliness and Damage
    PK Cars does not permit the user to take on board objectionable items such as weapons or any sharp object which may spoil or cause damage to the upholstery or the exterior of the vehicle. An additional surcharge of 20% will be levied on the cost of repair or cleaning the vehicle.
  • License Validation
    PK Cars does not allow multiple accounts having the same license. In such cases, PK Cars reserves the right to cancel the booking. Additionally, on account of user behavior, PK Cars can block certain licenses from booking. If a blocked user is found to have made a booking, the booking will be automatically cancelled. All cancellation charges will apply.

    A user can be blocked in event of any criteria below -
  • Over-speeding Above 150 kmph (Two incidents in total)
  • More than 3 instances of damages
  • Drunk driving case
  • Due payment above Rs 800 for more than 5 days
  • Total Loss to the vehicle
  • Major Damage more than 1

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